June 9, 2010

Holy MotherFather!!!

My mind is spinning right now and I mean full speed and on tilt! OMG!

So the hubs came home last night all normal--goes for his run, we eat dinner and then I say hey let's watch something on the DVR. He was like OK but I need to talk to you first. (eyebrow raised) I'm thinking "Awwwwwwwwww crap what is it"? He precedes to tell me he was asked to head up a major re-vamping of the NY/NJ facility. It's 3 months of crazy working, firing everyone and starting over. He can't really come home but I can go see him. WHAT!!!!?????? Three months without my husband! WTH! Gasp~

I was so nervous to even be on the receiving end of this information but it really is good news! For them to personally come after my husband to do this just speaks volumes. I know he is going to knock the ball out of the park b/c that's just how he rolls! He's BRILLIANT in his field and I'm so happy that he is being acknowledged to this level.

I have no idea where this will lead or if we will end up moving to NY but what I do know is that my husband is STOKED (about the opportunity not about moving)!!!! This is right up his alley and I couldn't be happier for him. I'm not ones of those wives that would ever stand in the way of their husband's success, hell I'm his biggest fan! I do know it will be hard for me even though I can visit him but I'm up to the challenge.

What's going to be interesting is trying to coordinate our IVF this summer!
He will have to fly in for at least one day for his part of the procedure! Our life is just forever changing for the better! We said 2010 would be a wonderful year and so far it has been. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.



  1. I love that you are his biggest fan... that's how it should be anyhow!!! Congrat's to your hubby on this. I know it must be a proud feeling when the boss comes to you personally for your help. Don't worry too much about the IVF... I am sure that you will be able to coordiante it all. I am so happy for you guys... hopefully this is just the beginning!

  2. Thx Sherry Dear!! This is very exciting-granted I might be crying my eyes out at some point from missing him but I'd never tell him that! lol

  3. Wow, that is crazy news! 3 months!! But congrats to the success and it will be a good adventure. :))