June 21, 2010

Mixed Chicks Review & Updates

This is a little late especially being that I have been wearing my hair straight for like a week now. I received the Mixed Chicks products about a 2 weeks ago I guess and I used it for the first time like 2 days later. I bought the entire line which consisted of shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in treatment and smoothing serum. The products had a good smell to them-kind of citrus like. The shampoo I notice seemed really good- because at one point while I rinsing the shampoo out of my hair I heard a "squeak"! Whoa I can't recall ever having squeaky clean hair before where I actually heard it! lol The deep conditioner was white and thick --you're supposed to apply it and then comb through it while your in the shower then rinse- which I did. Then I put on the leave-in treatment and then the directions said style as usual which for me means a little pomade and mousse. I didn't use the smoothing serum (mainly b/c I couldn't get the seal undone)! lol So I styled it as usual and I can't say that I saw a definite difference in my curl pattern. My hair did look nice though but that could have been b/c of the time I put into it. I can't complain much b/c I did get a few compliments on it. If the line actually had a curling serum or mousse I would have felt like it was really doing something but since I had to use my normal styling products after washing and conditioning with the Mixed Chicks line I'm just not sure. When I go back to my curly hair I will definitely use the smoothing serum and see if I notice a difference. I will continue to use the products but once I run out I think I will try something different with a line that actually includes styling products. All and all I give it about a B-

I had a pretty busy weekend- girl's nite on Friday at a great restaurant and then to a club for dancing. I haven't been out with the girls in a long time. I had a really great time! Saturday we celebrated June birthdays w/ my BFF's family. It was super fun and we were over there for like 7 or 8 hours! Sunday I went to Main Event with my brother, his GF, my nephew, hubby and little sister. We had a blast! Bowled, ate junk and played video games then back home by 6:00 to relax.

This weekend will be another busy one. We have plans from Thursday till Sunday since my hubby leaves for NY on Monday the 28th. So we are preparing for that- getting Dr. appts out of the way and packing, etc. I'm also planning my birthday trip to visit him on the weekend of the 9th. Oh and let me not forget that we also have our last 5K together on Saturday morning!

As for the IVF status-We are getting all his testing done that he needs before he leaves. He did his blood testing last week for all the diseases that they require and this week he has to give a new deposit for a semen analysis b/c they want one that is not over a year old. So we are making progress still shooting for August 17 (or whenever my cycle starts that month) start date!!!

Yep we have a lot going on in our little world and I'm tired but BLESSED!!


  1. Wow girl, you have been super busy! Soemtimes that nice, but then again it's nice to relax once in a while. I am glad that you are gettign to spend so much fun time with the hubby before he heads off for work. I am glad to hear all is going well with the IVF... I can't wait until it gets closer and we find out how well everything is going!!! Praying for you guys.

  2. Thanks Sherry! I will be looking forward to relaxing definitely but on the other hand it is exciting! I can't wait to go to NY!!

    Less than two months to go before I start the IVF process! SCARY!!