June 16, 2010

Weight lose, RunnING and ME!

It's Hump Day!! WOOT!!!! The week is moving and grooving. I love having Mondays off because it makes the week go by that much faster! I was able to get my butt out of bed this morning and run 3.10 miles. UGH! I love the feeling once I'm done though just to know it's out of the way, but getting there is a beating!!! I had a pretty good run this morning. I started nice and strong for the first 2 miles then backed off a bit to control my breathing for about 5 minutes or so then kicked it back up toward the end. I finished in just under 38 minutes. I'm still hoping to get down to around 35 minutes, but it just takes so much out of me. I'm getting better each time so I really can't complain. I'm excited for what next month holds to see how far I've come. At the beginning of May my average was 44-45 minutes for a 5K and now I'm right around 38-39 minutes!!!

I did my 3rd 5K in Texas City this past Saturday and it was my hardest run yet!! Crazy pavement (uneven roads, wood plank bridges, uphill and gravel) oh and let me not forget the wonderful wind pushing against me! LORD! My time was 43 something. We didn't have chips and it was super unorganized so that part was a bummer. My mother-in-law and nephew were there to cheer us on and they even ran in with me on the very last little bit. I was holding my 3 yr old nephew's hand while he was shuffling his little feet it was super cute.

My next run is in Dallas next Saturday the 26th for HIV Awareness Day I believe. That will be my last run with my husband for a while since he will be leaving for NY two days later. So from here on out it will just be me!! I guess it's not a big difference b/c we do not run together but just knowing I'll see him waiting for me when I cross the finish line is something I'm sure I'll miss :-(
Guess it's time for me to be a big girl! All and all I'm excited about that change I guess because I love relying on ME!!! That's why I work-out alone because I never want to rely on someone else's mood or energy level. This is my body and my health so I try to make it all about ME ME ME! GO ME!

I've lost about 26lbs so far and I'm pretty proud of that. I still need to lose like 40 more to get back to my normal weight. I do feel more energetic and confident though so I'm looking forward to reaching my goal which I hope to reach before August 17th when I get ready to start my IVF process. I want to be super healthy while I'm going through that and when I get PG!

I did a lot of damage to myself by ceasing to work-out and losing motivation because I NEVER had a weight problem. Then enter the last 2-3 yrs and I just went down hill. I had a lot of life changes but that is no excuse. Basically I fell in love, got married, decided I FINALLY wanted children, found out I had fertility problems then became lost. I started doing less and less, I think I actually went into a slight state of depression- then one day I looked in the mirror and just cried. I was looking at a different person, a unhealthy and unhappy person. My whole demeanor changed and I went from an outgoing life of the party type of chick to a I rather not leave the house in fear someone might see me type of chick. Then the day of reckoning came- my husband had a heart to heart with me on January 12th that rocked me to the core. I changed the very next day. I needed that--I needed to hear him out and see his pain. The pain of losing his wife. Our discussion wasn't about weight, it was about ME--how I changed, how I lost my confidence, my zest for life, my swagger. How I never wanted to go out with him anymore or meet new people. He opened my eyes and made me face reality. My husband was sitting in front of me with tears in eyes because it hurt him to see me stop living. He loved me more than I loved myself at that time. He saved me. My life has been FABULOUS since then! I started living again! Finding me, enjoying my blessings, conquering my fears (which was running) and it's wonderful. It's like a home-coming and I have missed me dearly! :-)


  1. I love this post! Crazy insprirational to see how far you have come in just a few short months. I am soooooo proud of you and everything that you have accomplished so far. Infertility has a way of sucking the life right out of us while we are so desperately trying to create a new life. It was hard for your husband I am sure to have that converstation with you, but PTL that he did. He has brought out your spirit again and that is wonderful! Congrats on the 26 pounds lost and good luck on the next 40... I KNOW you can do it! I would still love to run a race with you some day. Keep it up!!!

  2. Awww Sherry you're just so dang sweet! You know we are totally doing a run together! Tell me what your July runs will be and if I'm in town I'll make at least one of them my run too. Just wait for me at the finish line! lol

    Yes infertility does sucker punch you and take your breathe away. I've never had anything so earth shattering happen to me and I obviously didn't handle it well. Thank God for my husband.
    He brought me back to life!!!