June 24, 2010


I'm finally off work starting my 4-day weekend ( I'm off Friday and Monday). I'm home trying to relax before my evening kicks off. I have had horrible allergies the past 3 days and they have threw me for a loop! Right below my nose is almost raw from blowing all day, my eyes itch and I look like crap! Not exactly what I was going for especially now!

My husband lives for his special project on Monday!!!! 4 more days until his one-way flight leaves Monday morning! Gasp!!! I just can't believe the time has passed so quickly. I'm beginning to freak a little...

We have a very full schedule from tonight until Sunday, packed with family and friends. Not to mention he hasn't even started packing yet, why you ask? B/c he's a man that's why!! Ow!

Tonight- we are doing Jazz Under the Stars at the museum with a picnic and friends
Friday- we have a temporary going away dinner at a restaurant with our friends
Saturday- our last 5K together is that morning, grocery/necessity shopping, lunch together and then evening out with friends who are moving to Cali
Sunday- we are having a big going away lunch with family ( I mean cousins, aunts, kids, uncles, etc) then spend our last evening at home alone. Sigh~

I'm so proud of him but I'm really going to miss him. Luckily I get to go to NY for my b-day the following weekend. I'll be leaving on the 8th or 9th and staying there for a few days. After that I'll see him in August for our IVF!!! Then September for our anniversary. We are planning to skype as well so we can see each other everyday. That reminds me I need to set-up an account for that! So much to do so little time.

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  1. hey girl. how are you guys doing. i see you will be doing your ivf in August and thats awesome. i just had a polyp removed from my uterus and now im just waiting to see whats my next step. so you have a birthday coming up in August hope you get to have a good time away from all this babymaking stress. talk to ya soon