April 29, 2010

Yummmmmmm! Hey baby-how YOU doin!

So I have been re-vamping my wardrobe with some higher-end pieces because I felt it was NEEDED....yeah I said it NEEDED (eyebrow raised)! The shirt-dress below in the center I found at Neimans by VINCE. It is a metallic color also (a little lighter though) and fits me like a glove honey!!! It was a reasonable price I thought so I bought it. Now I don't make a habit of buying really expensive pieces because my husband would absolutely die! SMH---however sometimes you have to incorporate some HOT DAMN in your wardrobe every now and again. This piece can worn alone as a dress or I can wear it as a tunic with skinny pants and some SWEET AZZ heels! It's a winner all the way around! Oh and how hot are those shoes?!

Now below these are some very feminine pieces! (note the make-up **smokey eye and light lip**) There is nothing like a cinched waist. I personally have always been a fan of the pencil skirt and to have one with ruching is totally chic in my opinion. HOT HOT HOT!

This is just a notable for the motorcycle jacket. It just keeps coming back doesn't it? Gasp! However I found a wonderful pewter colored lambskin motorcycle jacket by VINCE that is fabulous! So fabulous in fact it can be worn during virtually all four seasons. It's very light-weight and a definite statement piece!


If you can buy these jackets during the "off-season" it will save you tons of
moo-lah ladies!!

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