April 21, 2010


After Tommy and I were married we decided to wait a year or two before trying to conceive so we could just enjoy marriage.

I was 28 when we met and 30 by the time we were married; definitely in no rush to be a mom. Basically I just wanted to enjoy my new husband and travel A LOT! All of a sudden (I'd say within our first 5 months of marriage) I just kept hearing about all these people having fertility problems and unexpected obstacles. I would say at least 5-6 different stories I heard directly---some people I didn't know well--some I knew in general social settings--some were friends of friends. I would even turn on the television and there would be a documentary or something about infertility. I thought is this a sign????

The straw that broke the camel's back was....One day I was leaving my office and a lady (about 2-3 yrs younger than me) that I knew in passing -she worked at another firm down the hall. She came out to catch the elevator at the same time I did and I said heyyyyyyyy Mel!!! She was carrying a box--so me being me-I just blurted "what's in the box"--she kind of looked at me...taken back a bit..then that look turned a bit sad. Her eyes wailed up a bit and she said she'd had that box at work all day (because it was delivered there) and no one had asked her what was in it...the box contained fertility injectables. Come to find out she had been trying for almost 2 yrs---we talked in the hallway for what seemed like forever while she poured her heart out to me. It broke my heart to see her (someone I really didn't know) in so much emotional pain, it got my mind racing!!(On a good note she had a wonderful baby girl about a year ago and she is lovely).

That was in April of 2008--I went home that day and told my husband I was ready to start a family....(it's like God was throwing me all these hints that it may not be as easy as I thought)

I took my last birth control pill on April 12, 2008 just expecting to get pregnant-it never happened--a yr later we went to the fertility doctor (April 2009). My husband had his "boys" tested and he was just fine. I had numerous testing done and all the plumbing worked fine--I ovulate on my own, I'm regular every month on my cycle, I create my own follicles, release my own eggs etc...

I had HSG (dye test to see if my tubes were open or blocked), blood work and all. HSG found I have a oddly-formed fallopian tube on the right side-it wasn't blocked because some ink did seep through but it was not ideal. Otherwise everything seemed great internally from what they could see via x-ray/sonograms.

Did a natural cycle in April and took a HCG shot which insures that the egg releases)
Did my 1st round of Clomid in May (no HCG shot)
Totally Natural Cycle in June
Took a break in July from the fertility doc all together (it was just too emotional).
Went back to the fertility doc in October. Did Clomid again 50MG (no HCG Shot). Not pregnant :-(
For the November cycle I deciding to incorporate an IUI so I took Clomid 100MG CD 3-7and HCG shot. Then had my first IUI on December 1, 2009- found out 13 days later-It failed.

I went back to my doctor on December 15th and the doctor said I had a small cyst on the ride side 2.5 inches in diameter. He said it would dissolve on its own but the meds may aggravate it so to do a natural cycle this time. I did the natural cycle and decided to do it for a few cycles. I just thought maybe drugs do not work for me and I needed to simplify things. Ummmmmmmm No! I did natural cycles from Dec-March and still did not pregnant.

The dreaded 2 year mark was fast-approaching and I was trying not to freak out. So I decided to go back to the doctor in April for a diagnostic laparoscropy procedure.

The same procedure the doctor suggested I get last year after he saw the x-rays of my HSG procedure. I was sure they wouldn't find much of anything because I've never had pains, weird cycles or anything out of the ordinary. Boy was I in for a surprise!

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