April 30, 2010

Thank You Jesus and Miley Cyrus!

Most of you from BBC know that I started running this year and was training myself for my first 5K on April 11th. I was doing very well and reached my goal well before my race day. However, it was unfortunate that I had to have my lap procedure the Friday before I was to run. I even asked my doctor if I could walk it but my husband shot that down real quick (Hater! lol). Needless to say I missed my first run and yesterday was my first day back in the trenches!

I went home at 3:00 feeling quite bubbly and I was like today's the day!! So I threw on my gym clothes, grabbed my water and towel then headed out the door. I must say I was really feeling myself! Ha! This will be a piece of cake-I mean it's only been 2 weeks since I ran and that 5K was becoming pretty easy to me. I walked into the gym feeling quite cocky!! Did a few stretches and punched in my settings and I was off! My legs were a bit stiff at first and then I turned up my iPod to my running music and I was all over it! 1K BAM! 2K BAM! 3K UMMMMM DAMN (head cocked to the side)!!!! I was seriously talking to Jesus from 3K on! It was BRUTAL! I was also doing sprints so I would take it down to a moderate jogging pace then crank that sucker up to where it looked like I was running from the cops or something! I was winded and panting but I made it by the skin of my azz!

I'm normally blasting rap and rock in my ears for running and then I finish off with The Climb by Miley Cyrus when I need that extra push! After I finally made it to 3K it was nothing but Miley and Jesus the rest of the way. I probably listened to that teenie bopper 8 times in a row! All and all my first day back was a success. I completed the 5K running the entire way but it was NOT pretty people! It was touch and go there for a while but I'd like to thank Jesus and Miley Cyrus for getting me through.

You guys ROCK!!!


  1. It's hard to sit out when you have found something that you love! Glad that you were able to start training again. Your body is an amazing thing - it will take you farther than you can imagine. Just remember - your mind always quits before your body does! Happy Running!

  2. You are soooooooooooo right Sherry! When I feel myself wanting to stop (or like yesterday DIE) I just keep whispering to myself MIND OVER BODY----MIND OVER BODY!!! It works! I hope to start logging those miles soon! I have to catch up with you -I'm so far behind! lol

  3. LMAO @ talking to Jesus!! hehe! Good job getting back to it... I was supposed to make it out for some interval training yesterday and got stuck at home with the kids...

  4. Don't worry about catching up to me... take it easy and enjoy it! The miles will come with time! Proud of you!

  5. Awwwww thx Sherry! I still want to catch up or at least not be beaten as bad! lol

    Aanihaan- Hushhhhhhh! You are strapped with not one but two infants. I'm just happy that you get a shower in! lol You'll be back at it before you know it sweets :-)

  6. I love running! It is THE best mental, physical and emotional release I can think of to use. Keep it up, you'll get your stride back in NO time.