April 21, 2010

O'd to a Laparoscropy

April 9th- The Big Day was finally here! I was very nervous. I do not like being put under anesthesia! UGH

Being a woman I of course had many errands to do before my 12:00 check-in. I headed to the grocery store to buy all my dry items and juices because my husband has a hate-hate relationship with all grocery stores! Then I dropped off some items at the cleaners then off to the most important errand! Pampering! I went to get my nails done, eyebrows and a pedicure. I figured if the nurses were looking around they'd look down at my feet and be impressed because my toe-game was fierceeeeeeeeee! I was rocking OPI's "Your Villa or Mine"!

After getting "prepared" for day I rushed home and my hubby and family were waiting.

I checked into the hospital at noon. I was accompanied by my husband, mom, dad and 3 yr old nephew. I registered, they checked my vitals and I changed into a not so fabulous gown-like frock! UGHHHHH So not couture!

My family was able to come to the back area with me and stay with me until my surgery. My nephew was giving the doctors a show and charming all the nurses! My doc came around 1:20 and then came the anesthesiologist dude. They explained everything to me and asked me a million questions. As soon as he gave me the meds I kissed my family and I remember him rolling me away and asking where I lived and I don't think I answered before I was out like a light.

After that I remember waking up with two nurses at my bedside...I was so groggy. I loathe coming to from anesthesia! It's horrid. You just feel so out of it. They asked me if I wanted juice I said yes--they asked me if I wanted my husband Tommy-I said yes. He appeared in what seemed like 15 seconds. They gave me some crackers and then asked if I wanted my parents and my nephew to come in. I said yes. They all came in and I rested about 20 more minutes and then they got me dressed and wheeled me out.

I still didn't know what happened or what they found because my husband wanted to tell me when we got home. Plus I was still drugged and wouldn't have retained it anyway. I got home and it was hard getting comfortable. I had a incision right under my navel and two right above my bikini line on either side where the camera and instruments were inserted. So I needed help sitting and getting up. It was funny because my nephew noticed everyone helping me and he came over and said "I got it" -"I'll help aunnie"! He is so freaking cute and sweet. He even led me to the bathroom and wanted to help me sit down!

So after being home about an hour in a half--Tommy muted the TV and told me what happened.

So my surgery that should have taken about 30-45 minutes or so ended up taking 2 hours. When they went in they found a pretty bad scene. I had scar tissue covering everything. It was so much scar tissue and so heavy that it pushed everything down. My right tube (the oddly formed one) was dilated and filled with dangerous fluid. It was useless so they disconnected it. The left tube was in good shape but the scar tissue had moved it down so it is really a slim chance getting pregnant naturally unless the egg drops really low. The scar tissue even covered my appendix-to the point where it shifted so far down had I had appendix issues they would have never thought it was my appendix due to the location so it would have erupted. Ummm yeah scary! It was basically just a war zone in there. Scar tissue was "wrapped" around everything. He said it could have been from a infection maybe long ago since it was so much and so thick.

So they removed all the scar tissue, disconnected the right tube, repositioned the left as much as they could and relocated my appendix. They took pics which they showed my family and they are in my file so I will see them when I go in for my post-op on April 26th. Oh and I had no endometriosis at all.

Basically getting pregnant naturally is a pretty slim chance since I only have one tube now and that tube is located much lower than normal but we will still try naturally.

However, the doc said I am a PERFECT candidate for IVF. He said there is no need to do Clomid and IUI cycles because it will basically be a waste of money. So he said just to save for the IVF and we can do it as soon as we are ready. I'm expecting to get the IVF in at the end of June or early July.

Funny how all these things can be going on inside your body and you have no clue. I never had pains or anything. That's really scary but all is well now. I'm on the road to recovery and the best thing is I have some answers. My husband is thrilled and VERY optimistic he is just happy to have the answers and now every month we are not holding our breath.

I can't lie I was a little bummed because I was hoping that yes I'd have scar tissue and they would remove it and then we could get pregnant naturally or with an IUI cycle. I feel disappointed that I did not listen to my doc last year. I let the fear get the best of me and basically wasted another year. Gosh procrastination is never a good thing. Hind sight is always 20/20 though isn't it?

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