April 21, 2010

The Beginning...

I met my husband on-line at the end of January 2006. (Close your mouths please)

He sent me a message and we began e-mailing and talking over the phone over a course of a week. Instant chemistry! He was in Chicago and I was in Dallas. He flew in on Monday of the next week for a business trip. We met for dinner and our love affair began.

He was only suppose to be in town one week and somehow he was able to extend that business trip a total of 3 weeks. When he had to leave for Chicago I dropped him off at the airport and my heart sank. I wondered if it was just a fling and maybe we'd end up losing contact. We still spoke everyday and 4 days after I dropped him at the airport he asked if he could fly me to Chicago. I agreed of course and we had the BEST time. I met his friends, went to his hang-outs and he took me on my first subway ride ever. I just knew this romance was something different. Something wonderful.

Our relationship was a world-wind love affair and it unfolded beautifully.

First contact was January 30, 2006

First Date was February 6, 2006

We were engaged by July 2006

He moved to Dallas in August 2006 and we were married on September 21, 2007.


We have something that I thought was only in fairy-tales and big-screen romances. He has made me change my outlook on life. This man made ME want a family. He is truly the type of man that is a partner.

I know children are a part of most women's dreams but never mine. I've always been a free spirit and un-inhibited. I never wanted to be bonded to any man for life b/c let's face it marriages can come and go but kids now that's forever. That's a real commitment. Once I started feeling "different" about this man I had to figure out the reason I never wanted children. I had to figure out what made me have such a fear of becoming a mother. Once I did, I realized that I loved him more than the fear.


  1. OMG! You have totally inspired me to make a blog about our family!! I was you before I met Evangel, very independent, knew what I wanted and didn't want in life, was on a path to greatness (well I still am) and then I fell in love. Everything else fell to the wayside when I gave birth... I too didn't want kids, at least not until I was like 35 and had my career established!!