April 26, 2010

Post-Op Appointment

I just had my post-op appointment from my Laparoscopy surgery. It was meant to be a brief follow-up but I got in a few questions about IVF. I first saw my super-gross pics from my procedure. No one should see themselves from the inside; it's just not pretty! lol My doctor said my face (scrunched in disgust) was similar to my dad's when he saw the pics day of surgery! Like father like daughter I guess.

He pressed on my abdomen and asked me if I had any pains etc...
He then checked my scars and they are healing nicely. Luckily I had dissolving stitches.

He asked if we'd made a decision on whether or not to have the IVF. My husband answered quickly with "YES that's why we are here, we want a baby"!! Ha! You have to love his candor I guess. I told my doc I will set the appt for the IVF consultation soon, maybe next month. It was a pretty easy breezy appointment but I left feeling very weighted.

I guess I'm worried about the money, the drugs, giving myself shots--just the whole process. What if it doesn't work the first time, the second....the third? I'm a PERFECT IVF candidate--WTH does that mean? I've read how some women from BBC were also the PERFECT candidate but their IVFs failed and so did their FETs. What if that's me?

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  1. I know it's hard but try to think positively. It only adds stress when you keep thinking that it may not work.... just think, it might! It does happen for a lot of women out there and I know a baby is meant to be for your future. Hopefully IVF is the way, but if not, that is not the only option left. Keep your chin up - I have faith that you will be a mom and your hubby will get to be the daddy he has always wanted to be!!!