October 15, 2012

SAHW....Yep that's me!

SAHW= Stay at Home Wife!

September 10th was my last day at work and I definitely do not miss it! Something quite wonderful about not having the pressure of being somewhere at a certain time everyday! I've been quite busy b/c we had our anniversary/pregnancy reveal party, we were also (and are still working on our house) then went out of town a few days, then started a small remodel on our bedroom which should be completed this week. It's just been something every week, along with lunches w/ friends and old co-workers. My bestie came into town and now I'm planning our gender party reveal. So all that and now holidays are approaching, maternity pics need to be taken, babyshower planning ( I think we have three), nursery decorating etc......

I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy my pregnancy and not be stressed with work. It's nice to have time to actually stay on top of my home, art and design projects etc. 
Soon I'll be adding SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) to my title as well and that's a position I've been wanting since I married my husband and I can't wait till my first day!


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