October 10, 2012

First Perinatologist Appointment

OMG! Talk about nervous! Everytime I go to the dr for a prenatal check-up I'm literally on pins and needles! I was so anxious sitting in the waiting room that I started to tear up! I tell ya not being able to be in control drives me crazy. Due to the fact that I can't feel the baby yet or see/hear the baby until I go to the doctor just leaves me feeling so vunerable. I have to learn to get over that!

Everything went wonderfully at our appointment today. I had my first full-on cry during sonogram. Thank God my husband was there as always to hold my hand and calm me down. Love that man! Funny enough my very first sono at the fertility doctor I didn't cry, nor did I the second one at my OB; however at this one I was full-on bawling. I was just so relieved to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. Well I'm always excited to see/hear the baby, however today maybe b/c I'm further along seemed more real!!! The Dr. said everything was measuring right on point, we saw all the chambers of the heart, the legs, nose, toes, fingers, etc.  The baby had both hands resting behind his/her head which was funny b/c that's how my nephew sleeps. The baby also had their feet crossed and we even saw him/her yawn. It was just surreal. The heart rate was in the 160's and right now the weight was about 9oz.  The doctor was able to tell the sex which was written in an envelope b/c we are not finding out till Nov 3rd! Wow it's going to be a LONG 3 weeks!!!!!

Baby Hill- 10/10/12
18 weeks, 5 days


  1. Oh. My. Word!!!! You are pregnant! I have prayed so many times for you. I can't tell you how thrilled I am for you! You are going to be one amazing mommy. Love to you! Corrie Mims (your old BabyCenter pal)

  2. OMG Corie!!!! How are you dear?! So good to hear (read) from you!!! Yes I'm pregnant can you believe it!!?? Heck I'm still in shock! lol
    Thank you for all prayers b/c I know they helped!!! ((hugs))