October 19, 2012

Energy Energy Where are thou?

Ugh why do all these books and people seem to be lying to me??!! I have ONE more month left in this second trimester. The trimester that was suppose to give me such a burst of energy. Umm no! I'm still so tired that I'm an unproductive lug! Even when I wake up and I feel like I have added energy it is an illusion!
For instance yesterday I woke up, got dressed and was out the door within 45 minutes. I had a list full of things to do and I was so excited b/c I'm a do-er!! I love lists and I love checking things off those list! However that has not happened in a timely manner for me in months! As I was saying I got dressed and left the house with my list and I went to ONE place and accomplished only two tasks in that one place!!! By the time I made my transaction I was exhausted and headed home for a nap. Yep....a damn shame. The only other thing I did that day was take my dog to the park a few hours later for about 20 minutes then back home for another nap. Ugh I suck! I'm just ready to feel normal again.

Our gender reveal party is in two weeks and I've done nothing!!!! My father-in-law will be staying the weekend and my husband's nephew. I have a million things to do around the house, gather decor for the party, finish my menu, get party games together and order the cake balls, etc..... Hopefully next week will be better for me energy wise or I'm screwed!!

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