October 22, 2012

Different Day Still No Energy

Wow I feel like someone slipped me a Mickey! I got up this morning when Tommy left started laundry. Next I hopped online to find new floor ppl b/c the guy I'm suppose to use has absolutely NO sense of urgency!! At 9:30 I started fixing some breakfast and I ate around 10:00. I finished my food pushed the plate to the side and immediately fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up three hours later!!!! WTH!
I planned to eat and leave the house by 10:30. I woke up a little after 1:30! No clue what happened. I vaguely remember Roman waking me up by barking at the mail man. I told him to hush and instantly fell back to sleep. Crazy!! When I finally came to I was still groggy. I guess I'm just baffled because I wasn't even tired! It just came out of nowhere. It was very weird feeling. I kind of woke up with a "where am I" type of feeling. Oh well I'll fight through it...so I thought!!

I left the house around 2:00pm bc I'd literally slept most of the damn day away! I like to be home before rush hour starts so my time is dwindling.

I went to two consignment stores looking for a wall sconce and the grocery store! Returned home by 3:45 and was totally spent! I felt like I just ran 6 miles! I was a little dizzy and just felt funny. Lord! This baby is kicking my butt!

This is really my only complaint about my pregnancy! I NEED my energy!!! I'm a do-er and this child is keeping me from doing damn near everything!!! This is utterly ridiculous really it is! I predict our party next week will be by far the worse party ever because I have no energy to get anything accomplished! Sigh~

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