October 9, 2012

Maternity Clothes

A couple of days before our anniversary party I made my first maternity purchase. I bought two dresses from Target. They are super cute very fitted and just the right length! I wore one to the party and there was no denying my bump. Besides that purchase I hadn't purchased anything else. I've just been wearing maxi dresses mostly. Now that it is getting colder I knew I was going to have to shop sooner than later. Now I love shopping but I wasn't too geeked-up to purchase maternity clothes. However, I think I held out long enough. My tight-fitted shirts have been rolling up like mini blinds and my pants have been rolling down! It's just pure comedy at this point!

Sunday the hubs and I had a glorious date-day. We were out from noon to about 10pm! During the time we did some maternity shopping. First stop was "Pickles and Icecream", there I purchased my first maternity bra and some maternity tights. I was exhausted after every change which was hilarious! I mean who gets winded trying on clothes! This girl that's who! LOL

We went to the mall to browse but couldn't find any maternity stores or departments but was informed that "A Pea in a Pod" was across the street so we headed there. Now that store has it together! I've never been in one so maybe it's the same everywhere but this one had a daddy section with two flat screens, magazines, refreshments, a kid play area, and a yoga studio!

When we were walking up to the storefront I was excited to see that they had the Jessica Simpson Maternity Line. I had recently watched a maternity fashion show featuring her line and it was super cute! I found a multi-colored wrap dress from her line and a BCBG Maxaria canary dress. Both can be worn with tights, boots and a blazer. Neither look like a maternity dresses which I liked. That was all we purchased on Sunday b/c I was tired of shopping (can't believe I just said that), plus more tummy cream to avoid stretch marks. The entire experience was exhausting but fun. My husband had the biggest smiles everytime I came out with something on. He's truly just over-joyed at this experience, we both are. 

My "wife" Jocelyn is coming into town Thursday and after witnessing first hand my shirt roll up my bump at record speed when I sat down, she said we are going shopping this Saturday her treat. I was like my too little shirt must have really bothered her! ha ha  Maybe I'll get some jeans this time around.

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