October 29, 2012

Did I just feel the baby!!!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure that I definitely felt the baby last night. I'd been feeling these movements/tinges/taps for a few days but I wasn't sure what it was exactly. My doctor said I'd feel ligament stretching and that my uterus would be moving up etc.  So basically I just chalked it up to that but it seemed like every day and night it was getting stronger.

So last night I watching "Breaking Amish" with my hubby while I was sitting at the edge of the sofa with my hands on my belly. Right then I felt it and it was slightly stronger than the previous days. It felt like "tapping" and then I felt a slight "flutter"!! I was like oh yeah that's the baby!  Then I realized I'd been feeling the baby for the last few days! I told my husband and he was like really can you feel it on the outside and I was like no not yet. I think he felt a little slighted! lol  Bless his heart! I'm looking forward to the baby getting stronger so I can really know it's him/her but for now I'll take what I can get!!

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