January 27, 2011

Giuliana and Bill

I just watched my recordings for Giuliana and Bill and it was this past season that ended about 3 weeks ago. She has fertility problems and had a sucessful IVF cycle, became pregnant and miscarried 8 weeks later. It was so hard to watch. She and her best friend were PG at the same time and she had to give her BF a babyshower that was intitally going to be a joint shower. She made it through it w/o breaking down and I was so proud of her b/c I couldn't imagine!

They waited a few months to try again, did another fresh cycle instead of using their frozen embryos and she had 15 follicles that all had eggs in them!!!! WOWZERS! They harvested and then that night she had to be rushed to the hospital for ovarian hytertension! It was so hard to watch! So they waited a few weeks to do the transfer and then two weeks later got the call that it didn't take. Again, it was SO HARD to watch. It was so devasting but it was real and raw. My eyes watered up a few times but no tears fell so I thought that was progress on my part b/c now-a-days I cry at the drop of a hat. It just gave me even more understanding that I'm not alone and that my feelings are valid.

I can't wait for next season. They have such a sweet marriage and are very supportive of one another and her husband reminds me of mine. I'm glad she has that support b/c fertility can break you down if you let it! Trust me I know.

If you haven't seen the show watch it on-line on the Style website or maybe Hulu. It's theraputic and we all need a little therapy now and then right!


  1. hey girl its been a while!!hope ur well and i love bill and guiliana. i cried on that last show. tear jerker for sure. im doing acupunture and you should try it. may work miracles!!!

  2. Hey Tanya!!! how the heck are ya doll!
    I've heard about that...I may look into it!

    Yes it was a tear-jerker :(
    they were so certain it was going to work. Ugh the cool thing is they are loaded and can do more ivfs, surrogacy or adopt

    Well Keep me posted on your progress hun!

  3. Yep heard of acupuncture working as well with a couple I know. I adore Bill... I was glued to The Apprentice when he was on. Great blog, thanks for sharing!