January 7, 2011

What!? I just don't see it.

Ok so I've been called a brat, spoiled, dramatic, difficult and "special" all b/c I like things a certain way.

Case & Point:

OH YES I LOVE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES BUT NOT TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE: I love chocolate chip cookies but I don't like a lot of chocolate chips in them. My former colleague used to bake a lot and she inquired as to what cookies I liked. I said " chocolate chip but with only like 3 chocolate chips in them spaced a good distance apart". Well that became a running joke at my firm and even though we haven't worked together for like 5 years she still calls/text whenever she bakes CCCs b/c she thinks about me! Ha! Whatever I don't want to be over chocolatized! It's just too damn traumatic!

WHY IS THERE FRUIT IN MY FRUIT PIE: I used to loveeeeeeeeeeeeee peach cobbler! Now it's just OK to have every now and then but when my mom makes it I always tell her to HOLD THE PEACHES (which she now announces whenever she makes pie for me)! Ummm yeah I don't really like cooked fruit...I do the same with apple pie, blackberry pie, etc...I like all the crust and the juice and fruit remnants but not the whole pieces. Again I say what's the problem!

I DON'T LIKE BIG MEAT: Yeah yeah I know it sounds funny but I don't like thick hamburger patties or thick sliced anything really...if the meat is too big it tastes too...ummmm meaty. It's ok with steak b/c I can slice it thinly...yeah I guess I could do that with hamburger and other things but I won't.

That brings me to the incident the other night which led to my husband saying I was a brat. I asked him to bring me some chicken tenders from this place that I hadn't eaten at in ages. He gets home with the food and I'm starving!!! I open the box and there lies 5 of the BIGGEST F-ING CHICKEN TENDERS I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!

The following conversation ensues:

Me: Ummmmm hells no! I'm not eating that (all said with my arms folded) the meat is too dang big!
Husband:(rolls eyes) "Star are you serious?"
Me: As a heart attack! I can't eat that big meat! It makes me angry (storms off)
Husband:(walking behind me) OK WHAT DO YOU WANT. I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU GO HUNGRY (all said b/t his teeth)
Me:(arms still folded) I'm not in a third world country dear so I won't just go hungry!
Husband: STAR!!!!!
Me: (insert girlish giggle here) Ummm a burger from around the corner b/c they have little meat!

Husband exits and I skip off to my room to await my new food! So again I just don't see why I get the whole brat label (side eye)

Confessing in front of a room full of fellow brats.Hi my name is Star and I'm a spoiled, difficult, dramatic, "special" brat and I'm OK with that (walks off, goes shopping)


  1. There you go Sherry! A woman after my own heart!

  2. girl, you ain't nothing but rotten!!! but at least you know it! :P