January 17, 2011

Imperfect Perfectionist

In the words of my friend Jocelyn "To Know Me Is To Know" that I try to make most things in my life perfect. May not be every body's perfect but it's my perfect. From the dishes in my cupboard that have to be facing a certain way, stacked a certain height and mostly all white. To my fridge that has the same storyline- everything faces forward, precise stacking and arranging is a must. My house always looks like I've JUST done a massive cleaning and it's all for me. Not guests, not my husband...just for me. It's my sanity. If my house is out of order than it must mean my life is too.

Even when I'm sick it needs to be clean and tidy b/c I believe that speeds up my recovery! Some call it OCD, some call it insanity....some like to tell me it will all change when I have children. Maybe for some but not for me. My nephew can be here for a week or two and run amok with toys strewn all over the place but before we lay our heads down it gets picked up! We sing the clean-up song and all is right with the world. He's happy, auntie's happy and we do it all again the next day! I believe it will be the same with my own kids b/c a happy me has to have clean surroundings. I'm not a loon, I do have slacker days but my dirty is other's clean. That's not my conclusion it was told to me by friends/associates/family basically anyone that knows me. They've always say that and I have started to agree.

I'm saying this to say that I know I have to be loose and go with the flow and I do but in my world perfection is in the eye of the beholder and my eyes see everything.

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