February 10, 2011

Crazy Times...Crazy Times

The weather in Dallas has been a total "B"!!! It's been cold and we've been having all this white stuff falling from the sky! Some call it sleet, ice and/or snow! As for me I call it a MF-ing inconvenience!!!! I was stuck in the house for like 3 days straight! Talk about your cabin fever! UGH! I'm sure it was minor for some outside of Texas but here we don't DO winter (flicking my finger-tips in the air)! If and when it occurs we shut the entire city down! I'm talking closing schools, offices the whole nine! It just doesn't work for us. Our major shut-down was last week during Superbowl week and man.....talk about embarrassing!

This was my FB post the Monday after Superbowl:
Dear Dallas,
I'm a little embarrassed. Crappy weather, ice falling on ppl, botched sound system, fans not getting into the stadium bc of tool fire marshall! I cld go on & on...in the words of Kevin Hart we just didn't look good as a unit!!!! I just don't see us getting a do-over! Ugh I digress!

It really was about the worst experience ever for Dallas! Not to mention now the hundreds of displaced fans are filing a law-suit. UGHHHHHHHHHH!

Moving on:
This week we had a snow day yesterday but it has since melted and we have nothing but clear skies ahead! I'm so thankful because this Sunday is my hubby's 35th birthday and I'm giving him a party at a bowling alley on Saturday. He REALLY loves to bowl and normally I'm a little more high-brow with his parties. Always a dinner party at a trendy spot, no kids, maybe dancing after. This year it will be family-friendly and during the day and then maybe after we will go to a club to kick it up a notch. I just can't believe the man is about to be 35!!! We met a week before his 30th birthday and now it's like slowwwwwwww down years!!! Craziness I tell ya! I'm excited for him though. I'm glad we'll have good weather and I'm sure a very good turn out. He is always so surprised at how much support we have for any and everything we do. I know he secretly loves being fussed over! I mean hell don't we all! I have a lot of little sweet surprises for him all weekend. Not to mention Valentines day is on Monday but he always plans that so I have nothing to worry about b/c he always does the sweetest things!

Well I'm off I have so many errands to run and a little girly pampering for myself! Ya know nails, mani, pedi, hair, etc...... I LOVE BEING A GIRL!

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