August 2, 2010

Now that that's over!!

Last Friday was my last official day at my firm. I'm on-call till September 30th but I doubt they call me since I do not know the new software and if so it will not be much at all. So now I have more free time to work-out and get my new life in order. I have so much I want to accomplish (I'll fill you all in on that later)!

Hubby was here for a week unexpectedly but flew back to NY early yesterday morning. I miss him already but I'm hoping these next 2 months will fly by. I'm not sure when I'll see him again exactly. He has some deadlines to meet and is going to be extremely busy so going to NY this month is pretty much out of the question. I just don't want to be a distraction and since I'm a bit of a handful I think it's best to be a good wife and stay here. September is the month I'm DEFINITELY starting the IVF process and since I will have to be at the doctor so many times a week I know I will not be traveling. So I guess we are just playing it by ear as to when I will go there or if he can come home for a weekend. It was wonderful having him here though, just being together in our own space and enjoying the day to day.

Now as for my running/cross-training it was non-existent last month. I mean July truly SUCKED in the working out department!! I ran 3.10 miles for the ENTIRE MONTH!!!! Yep I just couldn't get my stuff together--motivation was no where to be found! However I'm back!!! I'm officially back in the gym today and whenever I can squeeze in a 2-a-day I'm going to do that as well!!! My plan is to do my normal 3.10 mile run but also at another point in the day I want to do a mile run for speed build-up and a little cross training. I know it sounds like a lot but it's really not. It takes me about 37 minutes to do 3.10 miles (40 minutes at the longest) and about 12 minutes to do one mile (hopefully quicker). Only about 20 minutes on cross training so even going 2 times a day I'm still barely in the gym a little over an hour! I will probably not do any official runs in August but I will in September I hope to get one or two in before I start the IVF process. I'm not sure if I'm suppose to run during that time or not but I will inquire.

Now off to the gym~


  1. Hey, don't worry about slacking off in July! Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes! glad you are back to it now! One bit of advice, I would only do speedwork when your muscles are warmed up so you don't injur something. At least a mile warm up before any speedworkd is a good rule followed by a cool down. Anyhow, glad that you got a good visit with the hubby and I'm way excited for your IVF!

  2. OK Sherry I'll definitely take that advice.
    You would know heck your about to be a running coach soon!

    Damn near died at this morning's workout so I have lot of work to do!

  3. Well, I certainly don't know everything - but I like to pass on the advice that's given to me.

    You will get back into the swing of things sooner than later! Just remind yourself how great it feels to finish a run!

  4. Lord! I was horrible too the last 2weeks of July. Is July an epidemic for trying to ruin our gym routine! Let me just tell you how much I am loathing the gym right now! UGH!