August 16, 2010

Life never ceases to amaze me!

A lot has transpired since my last blog.

As you can tell I was pretty defeated last Monday and here I am a week later and a lot has changed for the better!

It finally occurred to me (due to the fact my husband made it clear) that I can't control evvvvvvvvvvvvverything! Maybe it's a Cancer thing but I have a strong mind and being in control is a big deal in my world. I think the fact that I can't control my fertility makes me bananas! We will definitely get the IVF but obviously putting a time-line on it is just not feasible b/c life continues to happen. Being that we are paying for this 100% out of pocket (without dipping into savings/IRAs/retirement, etc) means we are going to hit some bumps that will slow us down. We refuse to acquire any debt starting our family so if it takes a few more be it. We are not trying to regret or resent any decision we make so we want to go into this the right way which to us equals the responsible way. I can't wait to be pregnant and share this experience with my husband however it'll just take a little longer than we thought.

On a good note: My husband is back home!!! His facility here in Dallas needed his attention so instead of being in NY full-time he'll go every 3rd week. He'll also assist remotely if needed. So it worked out great for us b/c we get to see each other on a regular basis even though he will be pulling crazy hours at the office. He'll be here for two weeks then head to ATL for a manager's meeting then back to NY for a week. So he will be flying a lot but at least we get some quality time. Skype was great but there is nothing like the real thing :-)

As for my running--I worked out pretty good last week only 3 times instead of four but they were all intense and 2 were outside at the lake. I'm totally chilling today unless I get a wild hair which I so don't see happening. I do want to kick it up this week though. Hoping for some really intense workouts at the gym b/c it too damn hot outside! Still striving to reach my goal weight before my procedure starts.

I had a very busy week last week with my girlfriend for her birthday. I was able to get some pampering done and even a hair appt. I saw my family yesterday, went to church and had family dinner. So I'm exhausted, this week will definitely be more low-key...kind of! I plan on enjoying my husband and doing as little as possible. I do have a research group tmrw early afternoon, movies/dinner with my cousin Wednesday evening, going to take care of business with my bro one day this week, dinner with a my GF Onye on Thursday and then a meeting on Saturday. Besides that and work-outs I will be relaxing as much as possible.

Totally not missing work and amazingly on week 3 I'm still busy and not anxious at all! Yay me!

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