August 8, 2010

#%#@!&*^%$##@!...and I meant that!

Geeeeeeez I can't express how much I miss my husband! I'm just down right grumpy at this point! It's only been a week since he left after his impromptu visit but Lord what am I going to do with myself?! The crazy thing is I've been pretty busy so it's not like I have a lot idle time.

Take this pass week for instance: Running, dinners with a friend, picked up my 3 yr old nephew on Wednesday for 3 days and we had long play dates every day, swimming, story time at Barnes & Noble, lunches, etc. I dropped him off Friday at 4:00pm and then I kept my infant godson over night. Breakfast at my friend's apartment Saturday morning and that afternoon my other girlfriend came over to spend the weekend. I had a belated birthday massage at a spa, dinner, movie, lots of girl-time and did 6.2 miles(1/2 running-1/2 walking) at the lake with my friend this morning. However, just a moment at the red light can send my mind adrift.

Oh and the nights are horrible, it takes me hours to go to sleep sometimes because my mind is just buzzing. I just don't know how couples do this long-term. I'm not sure how many more weeks will pass until I see him again but what I do know is my patience is running dangerously low. Being the supportive wife sucks ass sometimes! Ugh! I just want to see him and feel him. I just need to be held and cuddled. I miss his scent and his laughter. I just miss him period...

I have an even busier week/weekend this week but I know I'll still catch myself being "fussy" as my husband says. This is so much harder than I thought it would be.

Realization: NY/NJ project blows chunks!

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  1. Hey Star -

    I feel for you. Having your hubby away must be so hard, I can't imgine! I pray that the time begins to pass quickly and that you see he will be back where he belongs sooner than later. Remind yourself of how proud you are of him and how much he loves you. You can do it!