August 19, 2010

More baby news...I think I did better this time!

Went to dinner with a girlfriend this evening-

...and this is how it played out:

Waiter- Would you ladies like wine or cocktails?

Me- Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me check the drink menu

GF- ummm no thanks just water with lemon

Me- I'll have a glass of Riesling please

(waiter walks away)

GF- I wanted to tell you in person....I'm pregnant!

Me- (Gasp)...(mind swirling)...(heart fluttering)

Me- Oh my God, congratulations! (after I regained the power to speak)

I felt like I was going to cry but I didn't...
I truly had to talk myself down from shedding tears in a public place...
I felt my mood changing but I kept my composure...

Turns out she had an IUI last month (her first) and it worked!! It really was great news! She deserves it. She has been wanting to be a mother for a long time and I know she will be a great one! I was excited for her and even though I'm sad/anxious for myself, I was able to separate the two emotions. I guess that's a start right?

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  1. hey Star, just caught up on your blog. That's great that your hubby is back at home with you! I am sorry that you have had a rough few days regarding the baby. The hard days never go away do they! It can be frustrating for sure - my vaca last week included TWO pregnant girls - but God gives us what we can bear. I have no idea why he thinks we can bear this, but fact is, he has faith in us and I know we shoudl too! Good luck with your IVF when it happens. I think you are super smart in paying as you go and as you haev the money. we felt the same way and did not get into any debt while trying or with this adoption. It will happen for you guys one day... i pray it's sooner than later.