August 9, 2010

Always Something...

It seems like whenever I take 5 steps forward I end up taking 2 steps back. I just can't seem to get ahead with this IVF thing. I'm beginning to think maybe it's truly not meant for me to be a mother. Maybe it's a reason I can't get pregnant naturally. For the last few months I felt like next month is my month...but then something happens so that month moves back one. That one month has ended up being two and it seems like I'm in the mist of move #3. Looks like next month is moving back yet another month. It's just a constant battle of the same ole sh*t and to be honest I'm tired. I'm tired of wanting something that honestly just doesn't seem to want me. I'm tired of crying and stressing....Frankly, I'm tired of being tired.

I just don't think motherhood is in the cards for me.

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