July 1, 2010


I didn't get my 2nd official 5K in for the month (on the 26th) b/c the hubs and I partied too hard the night before with our friends! UGH! Don't know if I'll get in more than one official run for July either since I'll be out of town 2 weekends this month. Either way I'll still be running on my trusty treadmill. My run summary for May was 47.41 miles and June was 29.80 miles!! WTH! Almost an 18 miles difference in the wrong direction! SMH! I have to do better this month! UGH

Good News: I bought my ticket for NY!! Woot! I'll be there from the 8-17! I also purchased tickets for the Broadway show "Memphis". So that will be two things I can knock off my "Diva List" (aka bucket list)!!! I'm super stoked about that.

It's July 1st so I can finally officially say I'll start the IVF process next month!! How's that for a nail-biter! OMG!

HUB UPDATE: The hubs is doing fine is NY-just super duper busy and tired b/c he is working crazy hours and doesn't sleep well when not in his own environment. We talk numerous times a day so right now I'm doing pretty good. I had a rough day Monday and night...cried myself to sleep but I've been fine since then. I guess I just needed a moment to adjust. It's not like he doesn't go on business trips but I guess it's so different b/c I know he is not coming back anytime soon.

Heading to the mall today for new stilettos and something super sexy to take to NY!! Looking forward to my birthday/vacation!!! I need it!


  1. Yay!!! IVF is right around the corner! If you get something too sexy you might not even need the IVF ;) J/k but have a wonderful time when you get to NY!

  2. Wow and I thought I had a busy life lol Yay for IVF next month! I'm totally jealous you're going to NY with out me. But I'll get there soon enough!!

  3. Wow, only a month away!
    Hope you have a great time in NY!!

  4. Sherry -I said the exact samething! Maybe I'll get lucky in NY!!

    Karie- we will have to set a sexy n the city trip-girls only!! woot!

    Casey- Can you believe it!!! I'm super excited and NERVOUS!!

    Thx for the support ladies! (((hugs)))