July 12, 2010

New York so far....

I arrived last Thursday at 6:00pm. My flights were good (even though I do not like to fly- AT ALL). Seeing my husband was wonderful just to be able to touch him and have him hold me made those flights worth while!

Thursday- we made it to the hotel around 8:15 due to all the traffic. I showered, we ordered dinner in and didn't leave the room. (INSERT LOTSSSSSSSSS OF DIRTY MUSIC HERE- BOM CHICKA WON WON)!! LOL

Friday- was my actual birthday and once my hubby woke up he pulled a beautiful card from the bedside table and a beautifully wrapped gift ( a blouse for dinner that evening). We went into Hoboken (a boro of NJ) via train to have lunch at the Brass Rail. The food was wonderful! Then we walked around the town a little bit and to the park. Hoboken is a very cute little area- urban and quaint with plenty of boutiques and restaurants. Once we left there we hit the train station to head into the city for the day. New York is beautiful and veryyyyyyy busy in every way!! We took in the sights, went into a lot of shops and I did some shopping (duh of course)!!! Later that evening hubby surprised me with a dinner cruise that also took us to view the Statue of Liberty. She was beautiful up-close and shining by the moon lite, it was very romantic. A lovely ending to a lovely day.

Saturday- We slept in late, ate in, napped, watched movies and just enjoyed some quiet time. Due to the train into the city and the time gaps we had to leave around 5:00 to start into town for a 6:15 dinner reservation at Haru. Dinner was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! We were both in heaven! Dinner was very romantic a perfect prelude to the theater. We walked to the theater after dinner which was right around the corner, it was a very quaint theater smaller than what we expected but still lovely. It made me think of all the people that sat in those seats before me all those years. The play "Memphis" was absolutely amazingggggggggggggggggg!!! I had tears by the end of the first act. It was so touching and just fabulous in every way! I would totally recommend it. After the theater we hit Time Square and then popped into a bar for drinks. Time Square was crazy!!! So many people and so much going on-it was a cool experience.

Sunday- We went to Brooklyn to meet up with a girlfriend, her hubby and their gorgeous 5-month old twin boys! We had a very good time with them. We went to the Brooklyn zoo which was very interactive and quaint...very greeeen! Then we went to a Jamaican restaurant called Sugarcane. It was a nice day out and seeing those twin boys was great. It really made me want twins. I know it's a lot of work but those little faces and just the joy on their faces (the parents) was so comforting. Comforting to know it's hard but to see it's so worth it.

Now it's Monday and this starts a few days of relaxing and NOT going into the city! Thank God! lol What I have learned so far is that I'm definitely a Southern Girl! All this catching trains, cabs and walking is cool for a New York minute (pun intended) but there are certain things that I require that just aren't native to these parts! IE: GRASS, MY OWN DANG CAR, UMMM PERSONAL SPACE, ETC! LOL I just found that I REALLY do not care for getting dolled up and then waiting out into the elements for transportation. Being a woman requires me to feel sexy when going out on the town with my husband. Not feeling totally gross from walking in the heat in 5-inch stilettos, a dress with full hair and make-up! Oh and my absolute fav -- walking into a hot subway station that reeks of urine! It's an experience to say the least. I'm aware that this extended travel was due to the fact that we were coming in from a suburb and the trains didn't run as often as we required. Needless to say I'm looking forward to not traveling for a few days! My husband works night starting tonight until Thursday. So I'm on my own and I have planned to sleep, work-out and read! Oh yea baby a lot of nothing which is what I need when on vacation b/c I like to return to my normal day to day feeling rested! Basically all and all NY is great to visit, NJ is cute for visiting as well but I definitely prefer Texas! However I'll go to any state/country with my husband for any reason. I love experiencing new things and going new places with him but there is definitely no place like home! (to be continued...)

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