November 28, 2012


Thanksgiving has come and gone and frankly I'm thankful for that! This year I hosted again and I cooked everything, including my first turkey and ham! I made a truffle butter turkey and it turned out pretty good but it was not as flavorful as I would have liked. However she was sexy and she was my first! Being that I used expensive a** truffle butter that was $30 for 2.65 ounces, I had to name her something classy! I went with Penelope :-)

Next year I'll try a creole style recipe for my bird b/c I like lots of flavor. My ham was totally awesome! I did a honey baked ham copycat recipe and it was a hit. Thankfully I didn't cook a stupid amount of food like I did last year, however it was still too much food! I think next year I'll just do a turkey breast and ham as well as cut down some of the recipes. I made too much of all the sides as well including but not limited to: mac n cheese, dressing, green beans, corn etc.  Each year so far has been a learning experience I think I'll have it nailed next year.  Thank God our Christmas is always a non-traditional meal!

Introducing Penelope:

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