November 10, 2012

Gender Reveal Party Scene (PICS)

Khyree and I (my newest nephew)
Keyshawn was at his mom's that weekend :(

Party Scene

Party Scene

Tommy, his step-dad and nephew Kemper

Deanna and Dorian

My Girls -Dori, Wendy and Annie

The Martinez Family! They were definitely voting for a GIRL!

My homemade lasagnas

Party Scene

Party Scene

Party Scene

My daddy and I

Serving up some of my mozarella, basil, cherry tomatoes crostinis

Tommy's Biological Dad

My mother-in law and father-in-law (Tommy's Stepdad)
Name suggestion board! Oh they had a field day with this!
Noxemia, Sha-nay-nay, Bob, Storm, Shirlanka...Lord!

Party Scene

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