November 10, 2012

Daddy-to-be finally felt his daughter's kick!

This little girl must really like to interrupt our TV time! lol The first time I felt her move was while I was on my sofa watching the telly.

Now it was daddy's turn!! So Tommy and I were on the sofa last night watching "Ink Masters" and our daughter was just kicking away. Now I've tried several times to get Tommy to feel her kicks but he hadn't been able to.  I was lieing on the sofa resting my head on his lap and he was sitting up. I could feel her so good so I figured I'll give it a shot. I said "babe put your hand on the bottom of my stomach because she's river-dancing"! He obliged and as soon as he place his hand down firmly, she kicked him. Oh my God his face just lit up!!! Then she kicked him again, and again, and again. All hard kicks too and he was just amazed! He started talking to her saying "hey sweetie, it's daddy".  It was such a super sweet moment and I'll never forget it and neither will he!

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  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. So glad your husband got to feel her kick!