November 16, 2012

Niche Addition in our Master Bedroom

Our home is a 1941 bungalow and we love it! It has lots of character and it's super cute to us. However, I found that mostly in the 30's and 40's it seems as though builders gave you at least 4-5 exit/entry doors! One of those doors was in our master bedroom and it led to a private side porch that we never used. I've been wanting to enclose that porch for sometime now. So I called our friends who are some well-known designers in Dallas to come take a look and tell me if my idea was too crazy.  Now I wanted to enclose the entire porch but only a very small piece of the porch had an existing roof. The other part was completely exposed and it would have cost a lot of money to put on a roof and enclose the entire porch. So we settled on enclosing the small part with the existing roof line. It was not a big space at all, I'd say about 6ftx6ft or so. However enclosing that small part would take away the door (which I hated) and add a small niche to our bedroom. I figured we could use it as an area to put the baby's bassinet and then later use it as a reading nook. We decided to keep the exterior brick on one wall and the original slated ceiling detail. The contractor matched the top and bottom moldings just like in the rest of our room and Tommy painted it to match the color scheme in our room. We also had to hire floor guys to match our original hardwoods and they did an excellent job!  Here are some pics from start to completion. I have not decorated it yet b/c I'm waiting on my grass cloth to arrive for the shelf inserts and the back wall. I'll post the totally finished pics probably next month when I'm finally done. The small addition now looks seamless and flows perfectly with our room :)
View of the wall and door in our master that led out to the side porch

View of the wall and door in our master that led out to the side porch

Door that led out to the side porch and a small view of the side porch

Outer framing starts and exterior bricks removed

Outer framing starts and exterior bricks removed

Framing on the interior

Door and wall are gone :)

Had some bookshelves built out for the reading nook

Exterior brick that we kept and that was the porch light. You can also see the original slated porch ceiling. BEFORE PAINT.

New floor installed-had to breathe for two weeks before it could be stained and polyurethaned
Hubby painted brick, shelves etc..

Niche is completed (view 1) + Floors are finished and look fabulous!

Niche is completed (view 2) + New wall sconce

Niche is completed (view 3)

Niche is completed (view 4)

Additional pics will come after we've finished the wall and shelf papering + decorating with books and knick-knacks.

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