September 30, 2010

Taking Care of Business

Today was a longgggggg day! I got up bright and early so I could make 6:45 boot camp. It was weight day and it was brutal! OMG everything on me aches! It's a good pain though. Only 2 more days to go in this camp. I plan on going tmrw morning at 6am and Saturday morning at 9am. My goal is to get in 5 times this week! Wish me luck.

After boot camp I hit the grocery store and that was a task being that I was tired! I'll tell you what though you know how ppl say not to go to the grocery store when you are hungry bc you buy any and everything? Well it's the total opposite when you go to the store AFTER a hard work-out! lol You buy nothing but fruit, veggies, salad, yogurt and other healthy items! I think I'll do that from now on!

After my work-out and errands. I came home and hit the shower and got dressed for the day bc hubby and I had business to take care of. It was pretty much an all day thing from like 9-3. After we got home we got in the bed and snuggled and just talked before he headed off to work. As we were snuggled up it just hit me how in love we are. I just really genuinely enjoy my husband. When we spend time together it is just so apparent how much we truly enjoy each other's company. Married for 3 wonderful years and together for almost 5 (nxt February). I've never been happy like this before and it is truly effortless.

We have some big things on the horizon and I'm just so happy to be able to share them with my amazing husband. Sometimes he just makes me swoon :-)

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