September 7, 2010


I haven't blogged in a while so let me catch everyone up-

The Husband-

My husband comes home tomorrow afternoon and THANK GOD!!! He's been gone since August 29th. He had a 3-day meeting in ATL and then a week in NY. I've missed him so much! He's only been gone 10 days this time but it seems longer. He is really ready for this project to be over b/c the poor thing is homesick. He had the cutest status on Facebook the other day. It said " Missing my Wife--Missing my Life". He's so precious, I just love him.

Last Monday the August 30th it was announced in Atlanta at the yearly Manager's Meeting that my husband is the new General Manager of the Southern Region!!!! He will now be over New Orleans and Memphis in addition to DFW. Woo-Hoo! So it appears the NY project worked in our favor!! He was offered the NY position about a month ago but he declined. God always works it out b/c my husband received a huge promotion anyway and WELL DESERVED might I add! So proud of him I could cry.

Running and BOOT CAMP-

I have been running regularly- I was at the lake about 4 times last week and it was great. I'm so glad that I'm comfortable doing things on my own. I just get up and go with no hesitation. I love that I'm somewhat disciplined (and I do mean somewhat)! I could always be better but I can say I'm doing OK.

I also started boot camp yesterday. My first one EVER and I think I love it!! I'm so sore that it's comical. Just sitting down and getting up is a task --I kid you not when I say everythingggggggg is sore! OMG! There were a lot of drills, sprinting and weight reps. I did pretty good I think-the trainers gave me lots of compliments on my form and the fact that I didn't die (eyebrow). The camp is a month long and they have like 30 locations and staggered AM and PM times so it's very convenient. I plan to couple it with my running if I'm not too sore. Wish me luck!

Our Anniversary-

On the 21st it will be our 3rd anniversary. We will be here in town so we are going to have lunch, then an afternoon couples massage and ritual bath at the Ritz Carlton spa. That night we're having dinner at new swanky restaurant. I'm looking forward to it b/c he really needs and deserves some major pampering. The massage suite is super romantic with tons of candles, soft music and aromatherapy and after 80 minutes we are going to be noodles. It's a good thing we have the ritual bath afterwards which is a huge bath tub in a private suite with candles, rose petals, bath oils, music, etc... We just get to sit in there and relax. It's going to be wonderful! I can't wait! A great way to celebrate 3 years of marital bliss!

Basically with all that's going on (and not going on) I'm a pretty happy woman. I'm really enjoying being retired and not being on someone's schedule. More "me" time!! I've been really needing this change...

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