September 14, 2010

Boot Camp! My New thannnggggg!!

I joined Camp Gladiator on September 6, 2010 and I absolutely love it! It's never the same work-out and it encompasses everything ie: cardio, weights, drills, sprints, etc...

I'm still planning to keep up my running but right now it's taken a back seat while I get situated with my new thannnggggg!!!

They have like 30 locations and AM/PM classes plus Saturdays so it works well with my schedule (or lack there of) and still allows me to have plenty of free-time. The classes normally have b/t 25-40 (sometimes less depending on time/weather) people in them, both men and women. All different ages, body types and fitness levels. I didn't feel overwhelmed or embarrassed, but I did FEEL it!!!! Muscles I hadn't felt in a while were screaming...nothing like I feel when I run. I felt like I really did something beyond my normal comfort level. You never repeat a work-out. Which to me equals No Boredom which equals actually looking forward to seeing "what's new" for the next class!!

I'm hoping to couple my boot camp with running in hopes that I see some quicker results. For now I'm just really enjoying the experience and getting to meet new people. I love being outside in the elements and just going full-out and feeling like I'm going to die...just to go high-five someone and say I'll see ya tomorrow :-)
Oh and one of the best things is THEY NEVER CANCEL CLASS, NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER!! I've seen footage of actual classes in a down-pour and instead of scaring me they drew me in! I can't wait for my first boot camp in the rain! It's going to be super cool! lol

Like I said before it's my new thannnggggg!


  1. Love it! I have always wanted to add boot camp to my life but I can't find the time. Being stronger will defitely help with your running! You will have a stronger core in order to support you and go faster AND with stonger muscles you will ward off injury! Good for you! Being active - any way you do it is good for you!

  2. Thx Sherry! I was thinking the same b/c some of the exercises I can not do at allllllll but I look over and someone twice my age or size is doing it! WTH! It's all about the core and I have none or upper body strength for that matter! lol I will get better though and I will try to use it to improve more on running. Even if I never run a marathon I want to always be able to go out and do 3 or 5 miles just because ya know. I'm just happy to be out there doing something! It pains me to think where I'd be physically if only I had gotten a clue years ago....ughhhh better late than never though right!
    Oh I'm doing another 5K on October 9th for Gladiator Games...looking forward to it.