September 23, 2010

Our Anniversary was GREAT!!!

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary on Tuesday the 21st and it was wonderful!! We woke up super early and went to 6:45am boot camp and got our azzes handed to us! Came back home showered and napped then a few hours later we grabbed a slice of pizza patio-side for lunch.

Then off to the Ritz Carlton for our spa day. We got there early so we could relax and enjoy the ambiance before our services. We had an 80 minute couples massage in a private suite and ritual couples bath afterward. It was heavenly!!! It was Tommy's first massage and now he's hooked! The candlelit bath was very romantic and accompanied by wine. After our services I took a siesta in the relaxation room while Tommy enjoyed the steam room and five head shower. We definitely have to do that again and again and againnnnnnnnn.

That evening we went to dinner at the new Perry's restaurant and it was wonderful. A great dinner to cap off a great day. A happy anniversary it was! La La La Laaaaaaa!!

I gotta say I'm really loving my life and my husband. I couldn't ask for more! I'm so in love with my husband it's border-line annoying! LOL

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