September 26, 2010

Calgon Take me Away-

My stress level has risen in the last week by millions!!!! I'm a pretty easy going chick especially since I've been with Tommy. I can take things as they come and not fret over every little thing that comes my way. However, last week sent me into over-drive and that will be continuing for a while!!!

I can't speak on one of the stressful things right now but believe you me my head is rocking!!! I can't sleep and all I do is think about this particular thing over and over and over. Everything is moving along smoothly but in order not to jinx it we haven't told a soul. Even with the smooth sailing there are some aspects that just freak me out! I can't wait till this part is over. Patience is a virtue that I just do not have! I think when God was giving that out I was in the line for a extra serving of thigh! (Shaking my head)

Second thing is we went to court last Thursday for my nephew's custody and his "mom" (who is the lowest form of scum to date) frankly lied all the way through the proceedings. I mean I knew this girl was trash but my oh my did she really show it even more in front of the judge. My mom was so stressed she was in tears and just frantic. I haven't shared much of the back story on here but we've had my nephew since he was 2 weeks old (my brother was in jail). We have cared for him in every way; financially, physically and emotionally while she has done NOTHING for him in almost 4 years. She would go months without seeing him and weeks without calling. She's never so much as bought him a pair of socks!!! Now since my brother is home and not at all interested in her using his child as a pawn she wants to take him back. So even though last week we were granted temporary physical custody (she can only see him on the weekend) we are still not out of the woods. We go back to court on Dec. 2nd and I think we may need a lawyer since she perjured herself so much and no one heard our side of the story. It's just so emotionally draining.

Between these TWO major things I have going on right now my mind is spent. I just can't wait for something to give you know. So basically I'm going to be praying to keep my sanity over the next month for thing #1 and the next 2 months for the hearing. God please give me strength to make it through this one extremely exciting but scary thing and through this emotionally draining custody battle. Amen!

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