October 2, 2014

FET Protocol Consult

Last Wednesday (9/24/14) I went back to Dr. Haas' office to embark on the journey of my first and last FET cycle. It was such a pleasure to see Dr. Haas after such a long time. I last saw him and Kristie when the baby was 3 months old because I took her for a visit http://mylife-somethinglikeamiracle.blogspot.com/2013/08/avery-harper-meets-her-miracle-workers.html.  I make sure that I send them updates on her with pictures every 3-4 months. After all they are my miracle team!

Due to the fact that we now have a toddler and my 7 year old nephew is back home to live with us full-time, the hubby stayed back with the kids.  Being back in that office was giving me a real mind trip. However this time I was back not as a woman wanting to be a mother, but as a mother of a smart, healthy, happy and beautiful baby girl. It was so surreal seeing my daughter's picture on Dr. Haas' "baby wall of fame".  I never thought I'd have a child on that wall.....any wall for that matter.  However God (and my miracle workers) had other plans for my life.

I'll give you all the play by play on the FET protocol but first let me tell you about my "elective procedure" that will precede the FET.

On October 13th at 2pm I'm having a Endometrial which is an elective procedure.  This procedure is suppose to scrap the uterine lining and as it heals it will become very "sticky". The stickiness can help the embryo adhere.  I had a polypectomy before my IVF because the polyp had to be removed before I could proceed. Dr. Haas stated that while he was doing the procedure he'd scrap up my lining to give me a better chance of success.  I'm not saying that is the reason my previous IVF was a success but why not give this last embryo all the chance I can.

Dr. Haas wrote out a little outline as he always has and the FET protocol goes as follows:
  • CD 1 (cycle day 1 of menses)- call the office and schedule appt for baseline sono which will be within 2-3 days
  • Practice Transfer/Sonohystogram
  • Start Estrogen for two weeks
  • return for midcycle sonogram- check lining and blood estrogen level
  • 5 days of progesterone
  • embryo thawing starting 24 hours before transfer
  • embryo transfer (90% survival rate)
  • stay on progesterone for 10 days
  • pregnancy test

Payment Breakdown (self-pay)
$160 for FET consult visit
$250 for Endometrial Biopsy
$250 Practice Transfer/Sonohystogram
$1500 FET fee

The only thing not included is the amount for the medicine. It's not suppose to be too much because there aren't any injections. I'll need to take Estrogen patches or pills and two types of progesterone.

That's all the info I have for now but just as I did for my IVF cycle, I will be detailing this journey whether the outcome is good or bad. This may help other women that may also have to travel this path one day-


  1. yay! so exciting! I'm glad your visit went well. I'm surprised at how affordable the biopsy is! do you know what kind of progesterone we will be taking? I'm so scared about the oil injections : /

  2. Before Baby Lady-
    I'll be taking Endometrin and Crinone or Prometrium
    As soon as I know for sure I'll definitely post what I'm taking. Where are you in the process??