August 21, 2013

Avery-Harper meets her Miracle Workers

At almost 3 months old Avery-Harper met her "Dream Team" on May 20th!!!! For me this team consisted of Dr. Derek Haas and our nurse Kristie Martinets at Advanced Reproductive Care of Las Colinas!! These two were our people!!!  When I started at  I started with a different doctor named Sy Le. Now he was wonderful and came highly recommended but he kept forgetting our names! It happened I'd say maybe twice and that solely made me uncomfortable enough to move to Dr. Haas! I'm so happy I did!! He was funny and much more personable which was more my speed! He of course was also highly regarded in the DFW infertility world and that was my top priority!  He didn't rush us and he was always available to walk me through my millions of questions. Most doctors today act like they are celebrities and their time is very short, even for their own patients! Dr. Haas however had a great bedside manner and even though he has a lot of patients, I never felt like a number
As for my sweet darling Kristie! She was a real jewel! Every doctor should have a "Kristie" heading up their office. I can not tell you how many times I called/emailed her about the same.damn.things. She was always a total delight! She never made me feel like I was a nuisance, even though I knew I had to be! I mean hell I annoyed myself! She got me through a lot of uncertainties and I'll forever be grateful to her for that. When you go through a journey such as infertility you tend to feel overwhelmed and crazy most of the time! So it was very nice and comforting to have someone like my wonderful nurse Kristie in my corner!
We kept in touch after I was released from their care around my 6th week of pregnancy. So I of course couldn't wait for them to meet my miracle!!! They just loved her! The entire office came out to see her and it was just so sweet! I gave them her birth announcement pictures and lots of hugs!! It was like a homecoming of sorts! I know God is the reason but he made these wonderful people and they helped our desire become reality. So here's to Blessings and Miracles because all roads led to Avery-Harper.
(You can't read it on this pic but on Kristie's scrubs it says "IVFMD Where Miracles Begin"! That statement couldn't be more spot on!)

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