October 29, 2014

FET protocol has officially started!!!!!

After being over a week late (which is typical for me) my cycle started on Friday evening. I called my doctor's office and was instructed to come in Monday at 11am.  It was a really quick appointment. Dr. Haas just performed a baseline sonogram to check for fibroids and look at my ovaries, etc.  I still had fibroids however they weren't too big. I had them with Avery-Harper as well which is why I had to have a c-section.  He also mentioned that my ovaries were still quite low in position but that we didn't need to worry about it because we weren't trying naturally to conceive.

He then gave me my calendar for my prescriptions and scheduled me to come back on November 10th for my next appointment which will include a sono histogram, practice transfer and check of my blood estrogen level and my lining.

Below are the medication names and prices rundown-

Started these on Monday:
Estradiol (estrogen) 2mg 2x a day- - $26.99
Minivelle Patches 0.1mg apply one to lower abdomen and change every 3-4 days -- $112.99

Haven't Started These Yet:
Doxycycline 100mg- 1 tablet by mouth 2x a day-- $46.09
Methlprednisolone (Medrol) 8mg- 1 tablet by mouth 2x a day-- $29.89
Endometrin 100mg- 1 tablet vaginally 3x a day ---- $579.10 (it would have been $998 through a regular CVS pharmacy.  So I called Village Fertility Mail Order Pharmacy and with a $50 coupon that they applied it came out to be more than $400 less)

So the total tally for right now on the medication only is $795.06.  I didn't think the medicine would be so pricey but it's no where near the price when the injectables were added for my fresh IVF protocol.

If I get pregnant I'll use the refills on the Minivelle and Endometrin until the 11th week of pregnancy just as I did with Avery-Harper.

Let the mood swings begin!!!!!

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