August 28, 2013


I'm totally OBSESSED with my daughter. I probably give her about a thousand kisses a day! She's just so stinkin sweet!! There are SO MANY things I love about this child that I can't even put all of them into words but I'll try a few!

Her breathing! Oh how I love the sound! When she being carried with her head over my shoulder I can hear her breathing very clearly. It's so adorable! It makes me smile.

Her snoring! OMG freaking hilarious! I even took video of it on different days

Her toothless grins! Lord they just melt me!

Her obsession with holding her own hands! So sweet!

Her independence! I can already tell she's going to be a headstrong firecracker!

Her soft curly (sometimes straight) wild uncontrollable hair.

How happy she is all the time! She's always smiling and laughing out loud! It's music to my ears!

Her back fat and chubby thighs!

The open mouth wet kisses she gives and the "attack hugs"!

Her first little sound she made! Not sure if I can describe it in words but it sounds like a baby lion or something! Like a little cute growl! Love it love it love it!

There are truly just too many things to name! I just love this child! She's everything I dreamed for and more! Thank you Lord for blessing us with the gift that is Avery-Harper!

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