June 3, 2016

IVF #2 here we come!

In a mere few days I'll be starting my second fresh IVF protocol. I'm so excited that I literally don't know how to feel. I'm just a ball of emotions right now!

This protocol so far, and hopefully that is all, has cost us $15,000. Our IVF with ICSI fee was $7000 and our meds were $6000. That doesn't include another $500 for the anesthesiologist on the day of the transfer, $250 for trial transfer, $150 for mammogram, $160 OB appointment, $160 lab work, GP doctor visit $90, Progesterone Lab work $60, SA $160, plus other visits/labs etc.

This coming Tuesday I will start my ganirelix and minivelle for week then on to the stim meds. My egg retrieval will probably be at the end of the month then my transfer at the beginning of July. I'm about a month behind my protocol for Avery-Harper so if it is successful their birthdays will be pretty close.

I still can't believe we are finally doing this!

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