May 28, 2016

One Final Try!

It's been heavy on my heart to try again for baby #2.
We tried the first time in November of 2014 with our only frozen embryo but it did not survive the thaw. We went again in June of 2015 to start the process but my egg reserve was low and I got extremely discouraged and decided to take some time away from the fertility train and refocus. It's been almost a year and during that time my desire for another child has not waivered.

Also Avery-Harper has been asking for a sibling! No pressure right!

So last week on May 18th I went in to have another IVF consult and sonogram. I was on the third day of my cycle and I was very nervous of the information I may receive bc last time it was not good.

Well this time I did my sono and received great news! My uterus looked great and I had lots of follicles! My doctor said everything was really good and in his exact words he said "it's now or never"! We were surprised to hear that even though we knew we were getting older and needed to do something ASAP. We just weren't expecting such a blunt response. So we agreed to push forward. He told us the protocol would be the most aggressive and to come in the following week for a trial transfer.

Before the next appointment hubby and I did our labs, semen analysis for him and pap smear for me!

On the following Wednesday, May 25th we went in for the trial transfer and sonohystergram to make sure there was no blockage. I again was nervous. The last time I did a trial transfer when trying for Avery-Harper they found a polyp and I had to have surgery. This time however it was all clear!!

That means forward ahead we go! I've contacted a few pharmacies they referred me to for pricing on my medicines. Once I have the best pricing, I'll order my meds and pay for IVF fee! I'm set to do my injection demonstration next week! Then progesterone levels on June 6th and on June 7th I will start my injections!!! We are beyond excited!

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