June 12, 2016

Another Delay....

I received all my meds last Saturday Bc I was suppose to take my first shot of ganirelix and apply a minivelle patch on Tuesday. Well I went to the lab on Monday for my progesterone levels and they were only at a 6. My dr wanted them to be at an 8 so I had to wait and retake my levels on Thursday. Received my results back Friday  and my levels actually dropped to a 5! So instead of starting the injection and patch today my dr said to wait. Once my cycle starts, which should be by  Thursday he wants to put me on femara.

What is femara??
Femara (letrozole) is a medication that is being used more frequently in fertility to assist in ovulation induction.  Femara is a prescription drug that prevents the production of estrogen; this is very beneficial for many women diagnosed with breast cancer. The majority of women with breast cancer have the type of cancer that develops faster in the presence of estrogen. Doctors prescribe Femara because it blocks the body’s ability to produce estrogen and can significantly slow the growth of the tumor.
When Femara is utilized for inducing ovulation, there is a decrease in the amount of estrogen which results in an increase in FSH. The increase in FSH stimulates follicles to grow on the ovaries. Why would we use Femara? We may use Femara in a patient who either did not respond to Clomid therapy or for a woman who has had a negative effect from the Clomid therapy, such as a thin uterine lining.

As of right now I'm just taking my prenatals and blood pressure pills daily while waiting to start my protocol.
So it's basically just a waiting game. I'm kind of bummed bc we are finally ready to do this and delays just keeps happening. It's very frustrating but I will remain positive and hopefully once my cycle starts and I go back in to see my doctor I'll get more answers.

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