November 10, 2014

Transfer is set for next Monday!!!

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Haas to check my lining and perform my sonohystogram. That's where a catheter like tube is inserted and water is flushed through. This is how the doctor checks for blockage, polyps etc.

Last time I had one was right before my IVF transfer and my doctor found a polyp. I had to have surgery before I could continue with the IVF.  Luckily this time I was all clear! My lining was thick and my blood was taken to check my levels.  Basically everything was great and I was so relieved.

He gave me my instructions for the next few days and I'll start my remaining meds on Wednesday.

My transfer is set for next Monday the 17th at 2:30pm! Everything is happening so fast and I'm so nervous. Praying for a successful transfer, great pregnancy and another healthy baby. 

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