November 21, 2014

Our first moments...

Yesterday was "Throwback Thursday" and I have the best throwback memory ever! The birth of my daughter but my most precious memory is of our first moments together.  Due to the fact that I had a C-section I was pretty out of it.  I remember seeing her as soon as she came out for like a millisecond! I didn't touch her, I just briefly saw her then she was swept away because she had swallowed fluid.  I didn't see her again in person until 6 hours later as I was rolled past the nursery.  I didn't get to physically hold her until about 8 hours after her birth and those moments were the most precious moments of my life.

In light of losing our last embryo, I've come to the realization that I may never experience that feeling again. It was a high that can never be duplicated. I still hope to have another child but if that never transpires, I won't complain. I am extremely blessed and grateful for my miracle, Miss Avery-Harper Merlyn Hill! She is "enough" for all of my dreams. She was created in love and she will be raised in love, as she is the purest definition of our love. She is God's gift and I'm amazed by her each and every moment of every day.  Thank you God for my child.

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