January 3, 2013

Updates on Baby-

Well I'm currently 30 weeks and 6 days.  We had a sono/growth appointment last Thursday and baby girl weighed in at 3.5lbs!! All her vitals were good as well as her measurements. She wasn't really up for pictures as her face was buried in the bottom of my stomach and she wasn't moving it for us. It looked as if she had a lot of hair floating in there with her according to my doctor. Heartbeat was great also.

They moved me up to coming every two weeks which is exciting. I just can't believe how fast everything is moving. I have scheduled some prenatal visits with potential pediatricians for next week and we'll start our parenting classes in the next couple of weeks.

She is moving a lot and the movements are getting more powerful. I just look at my tummy in amazement because it's still so surreal. My stomach is definitely seems to be getting larger and I hear
that the baby will be gaining more weight toward the end. I'm kind of nervous about where that'll leave me in the weight department but as long as she is doing well that's all that matters.

We have three baby showers set for Jan 19, Jan 26 and Feb 2. After that we will know exactly what we need to buy because we've bought absolutely nothing!!! I finally decided on a design for her room and which room she'll be in so that's a start. She will be in our room for a while in the niche we had created for her. So all we need to start is her bassinet and a dresser for her clothing. I'll get to the actual nursery soon I hope but if I don't it's OK since she will not be utilizing it anyway. I had to come to terms that I was doing the nursery more for me than her because she will be fine for months and months in our room.

My next appointment is next Thursday at 2:00pm and I can't wait to see her. I just hope she is a little more cooperative this next go round. I was thinking about doing a 3D sono next week but I think I may wait till the following appointment. The further along the better I'm thinking because I really want to be able to see her. I'm absolutely horrible with sonograms and the pics they give me are pointless. I'm not visual like that so I need a really good picture.

Can't wait to meet our little princess!

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