September 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary/Pregnancy Reveal Party

This past Saturday we had our five year anniversary/pregnancy reveal party. It was the night that we'd let extended family and a few close friends know that we were expecting! Everything went very well! Tommy and I had been working on the house for weeks just taking care of things we'd been wanting to accomplish. However, with the impending party it gave us a deadline and set a little fire under our butts (which was needed). I finally finished decorating our front porch which Tommy had stained some time ago. He also stained the walk-up, painted our window frames, finished the garden area with lots of new plants, dark mulch and shrubs. We bought, stained, polyurethaned and built our adirondack chairs (that saved us about $300 a chair and they look awesome). We hung outside lighting for ambiance, bought upper back deck furniture, and I bought lots of decor items for our backyard oasis. I purchased a runner for the farmhouse table outside, candles and lots of lanterns! The yard was looking really nice. Since the party was going to be a mix of outside and inside we really wanted to spiff the yard up. Everything was lovely.

About 50 family members made it including my grandparents (on my mom side). I decided to have a banner made to put in the front entry of the house. So when people would walk in they'd see the banner first then I'd pop out. I had on a tight maternity dress (my very first maternity purchase) so it was no denying my bump! Everyone was shocked and excited. It appeared to go very very well. It was a exciting night. Lots of food, drinks, music, family and friends. Just what I envisioned. So now the cat is pretty much out of the bag. Except we haven't announced it yet on facebook so we still have a lot of acquaintances that do not know. We may do that after our appointment on October 10th.

Here's our super-cute banner. I shot the picture upward over the archway to get the entire length. 23 more weeks to go!


  1. Was thinking of you today so thought I would see if there was any new news! Happy to see that you have shared your news with friends. So very happy for you guys!