May 16, 2012

I need a wutttttt.....Hysteroscopic Polypectomy! Ugh!

So yesterday afternoon I went to my fertility doctor to get my sonohystogram (trial transfer) and lessons on my injectables etc.... The doctor was in surgery when I got there so we went through the injectable teaching first. Can you say OVERWHELMING!!! GEEZUS it's a lot to take in! My husband's eyes were going crossed and I think I blacked-out! We sat in the office for a full hour getting detail by detail!! Luckily the nurse is amazing and made us feel like there was no question too simple to ask. I LOVE her! She's awesome! After the lesson the doctor had returned and we went in to get started on the sonohystogram! As soon as he inserted that lovely wand thing-a-ma-gee-ga there it was....a freaking polyp! Not only was there a polyp but it was right in the way of where they'd want to implant the embryo! So while I'm still in shock, my doctor nonchalantly says we just have to schedule a quick SURGERY for this Friday to remove it! Gasp! Ummmmmmmmmmm what?! (SMH) Yeah so not only do I have to have an unexpected surgery on Friday but it is also going to cost me around $2500!!!!!!!! Yeah I said it $2500!!!! Oh and that's not the best part, I also have to order my meds on Friday which is another whopping $3000! Yes all in one week! I almost passed out right then and there! I was prepared for the meds of course but not for another $2500! You know being that I'm not rich and all! They have to put me under anesthesia and boy do I hate anesthesia! I just loathe the way I feel when I'm coming out of it!!! The BRIGHT side as my doctor says is when they go in to remove the polyp they are going to scrap my uterine wall which will make it super sticky the next month and that will help the embryo implant even more. My doctor said they normally do that for FET cycles, once a fresh one has failed. So getting this surgery could actually increase my chances of a successful implantation. So if there is a bright side, that was it! lol Thank God my doctor does the trial run! Surprisingly enough, I heard some doctors do not! Can you imagine finding that sucker the day of the real transfer!!!! I would have seriously had a fit! Anyway, so basically on Friday at 12:30 Central I'll be in surgery. Wish me luck guys as the journey to baby continues...


  1. Sorry to hear about the surgery, but like you said, thankful they found it now on a trial run and not later on. i have several friends who are going through this right now so i will keep you in my prayers! Can't wait until you have your miracle growing in your belly and then in your arms!

  2. Thank you Sherry! I go into surgery in this afternoon and geez anxious does not even begin to describe it. I appreciate the prayers my friend!

  3. how did it go? what was the recovery time for u? I m going thru the same thing on next Wednesday. Any tips?