May 20, 2012

Polyp removal surgery went GREAT!

Well my surgery on Friday went really well. My husband said I was in and out! Went into surgery at 12:30 and was home by 3:30. I took one pain med on Friday afternoon b/c my husband made me! However, I didn't feel any pain. I tinkled A LOT on Friday but besides that I couldn't even tell that I had surgery. Yesterday I felt wonderful! I went to lunch, shopping and hung out with my girlfriend for like 5 hours. No pain, no nothing. In the middle of the night I had slight bleeding and light cramping but I still feel great. Tomorrow evening I start my first injectable Lupron! I'm so excited! I ordered 1/2 of my meds on Friday and they were delivered on Saturday around 10am. Due to the unexpected expense of the surgery I couldn't just order $3000 worth of meds so I ordered what I needed to start and I'll order the rest in a week or so. My egg retrieval should be around June 14th according to my doctor which is less than a month away and frankly I just can't believe that! So the road to baby is in full effect, full steam ahead!

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