July 1, 2016

Yet another setback

Just received the call from my nurse and my numbers are even worse than last time!!!
I'm so frustrated. I'm crying and I'm just tired like seriously what is the deal! Last time I was at a 6 and then I had to retest because I needed to be at an 8. So I waited a few more days and retested but my number went down to a 5.

That's when the doctor said I didn't ovulate and I had to wait to next cycle and use femara to help me ovulate. Well I used Femara this cycle and my number was LESS THAN ONE!!!! I mean seriously like I can't even wrap my head around it. Now I have to wait for my doctor to call me tomorrow so we can try something else. God I'm so tired of waiting already.  So many layers to this journey and I'm already tired and we've barely started.


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